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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nasaan Na Nga Ba ang mga Ibon?

Ang sikat ng araw ay nakasisilaw;
Sa aming paglalakad siya ay tanglaw;
Subalit hindi madama kanyang init…
Malamig na hangin ay ihip nang ihip—
Malakas na hanging nagsisilbing walis
Sa mga tuyong dahong tumatalilis.

Mayroong ugong na nanggagaling sa langit;
Ako'y napatingala sa himpapawid—
Anungbilis ng salipawpaw na tumatawid,
Sa kaulapan ay malayang gumuguhit.
May-hangad-sa-mga-mata akong nanamlay…
Kaylan kaya sa ganyan muling makasasakay,
Pabalik sa piling ng mga mahal sa buhay?

Linga rito, linga roon ang aking lolo,
Panay ang masid sa mga bubong at puno,
Hanap-hanap pakalat-kalat na mga ibon.
Malamang sila'y nasa migrasyó n, wari ko—
Naghahanap ng pagkaing maiipon,
Upang sa sandaling tag-lamig ay magbalik,
Sila ay handa at di daranas ng gutom.

At maya-maya pa ay pagod na si Lolo,
Kaya sa paglalakad ay biglang sumuko.
Sabagay ako rin nama'y giniginaw na.
Sa mga ulap, araw ay nagtatago na.
Ako kaya—magtatago rin ba't susuko?
Kaya pa bang ikubli, luhang tumutulo?

(Sunday, February 13, 2005)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

To Peck an Inuk Kiss

I could have been an Inuk child
By your hearth, Our Winter-land.

Frozen leafs and icy reeds,
Inglenooks and pearly drops—
Amaze me, my pale twinkle.

I trudge your freezing snow,
And with my tuktu, I pine at the drifting floes.

My pualuuk and kamik, warm my hands and feet.
Oh Sedna, be my light.

I'll ride a qamutiik, and
Oh, Kiinaijaqpunga!

Oh, Nunavut, I dream of you;
Oh, qanga?
On you'll I ever set my eyes.

Visit towns in Iqaluit, someday I will.
Inuit, someday I'll meet.

They, chinky-eyed and carnation-cheeked,
Will teach me speak a couple Inuktitut words;

Or better yet, show me how to peck an Inuk kiss!

– 11 p.m., June 14, 2004, Monday

Another Rainy Autumn Friday

The van's wiper's
a ballerina to my eyes.

Its swishing sound
is a sonata to my ears.

The raindrops are
li'l tiptoes on the glass windows.

And in the sky—
Nimbus clouds; oh hail! Autumn rain.

– September 10, 2004, Friday

Nothing Could Be More Sweet

The freedom to say
what's on my mind

The freedom to go
wherever I want

The freedom to breathe
fresh morning breeze

On an inviting day,
without someone beside

Me or something
burdening me

The freedom to walk on
My own and smile

By myself, nothing's
Sweeter than the sun

Shining on me or the wind
Kissing my cheeks, nothing

Oh, nothing to me now
Is more sweet

– August 3, 2004, Tuesday

To Harrison Lake

Summer in Surrey
My first time in Canada
Parks, lakes, and beaches

As I close my eyes
Lustrous leafs and towering trees
Make my spirit swoon

A hot day it is
I can feel it on my skin
But to me it's bliss

To others it's sweat
For they're used to cold weather
I smile, feels like home

Early Sat'day morn
Everybody's in full gear
To Harrison Lake

Cruising Clearbrook Road
At 100 kph
Enters Abbotsford

Tall trees everywhere
My head and eyes are restless
Enjoying the sights

Interesting sign:
Fresh strawberries, raspberries
And blueberries too

Where are we right now?
Oh, wait; I'll just check and see
Yeah, Fraser Valley

There! Ramada Inn
And then I see mountains
Chilliwack ahead

Exit 99
We just passed through Sumas Bridge
Farms, barns everywhere

Look there! goats and kids
Golf courses, lakes, and houses
Black-spotted cattle

10 a.m., arrived
At Harrison Lake Resort
8 p.m., went home

– July 31, 2004, Saturday

A Train of...

After Despair

Quietude, silence
Solitude, patience
Gates, leafs, tears, thoughts
Past, love, affection, yearning
Emptiness, burden, sadness, hurting

Falling, leaves
Forcing, smiles
Breathing, relief
Hoping, belief



– 11:40 a.m., July 9, 2004, Friday
While listening to "Despair" by The Essence
(Nothing Lasts Forever; 1991, Anagram/Cherry Red)


I never thought that
Simple bicycling like this
Can give me freedom

– 3:20 p.m., July 29, 2004, Thursday

Julie's Flower Song

I like the wind blowing around me.
It won't happen again to you.
The flowers are nice too.
They're all about me and you.
They all smell good; it's true.

You have to water the plants,
But that's not all I want.
I don't like to leave you.
The flowers are beautiful;
The air is warm too.
The wind is delightful
Here in our hearts.

– 4:24 p.m., July 29, 2004, Thursday
composed with my niece Julie supplying most of the lines

An Every Morning Poem for Amber and Julie

Look there!
The clouds are white.
The sun is bright—
A brilliant yellow star in the sky;
Majestic like the Burnaby Mountains high.

Have you seen the squirrels into the lawn sneaking?
Can you hear the crows atop the spruces cackling?

Look at those flowers.
Watch the evergreen trees, dancing
With their leafs and branches swaying—
To which boreas is not a balderdash,
But flutes and oboes that bless them hush.

Smile, my adorable nieces.
Summer is here to stay like kisses,
For a while even only if, don't miss it.

– 4 p.m., June 24, 2004, Thursday
an impromptu oral poem