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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

To Peck an Inuk Kiss

I could have been an Inuk child
By your hearth, Our Winter-land.

Frozen leafs and icy reeds,
Inglenooks and pearly drops—
Amaze me, my pale twinkle.

I trudge your freezing snow,
And with my tuktu, I pine at the drifting floes.

My pualuuk and kamik, warm my hands and feet.
Oh Sedna, be my light.

I'll ride a qamutiik, and
Oh, Kiinaijaqpunga!

Oh, Nunavut, I dream of you;
Oh, qanga?
On you'll I ever set my eyes.

Visit towns in Iqaluit, someday I will.
Inuit, someday I'll meet.

They, chinky-eyed and carnation-cheeked,
Will teach me speak a couple Inuktitut words;

Or better yet, show me how to peck an Inuk kiss!

– 11 p.m., June 14, 2004, Monday


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