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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

To Harrison Lake

Summer in Surrey
My first time in Canada
Parks, lakes, and beaches

As I close my eyes
Lustrous leafs and towering trees
Make my spirit swoon

A hot day it is
I can feel it on my skin
But to me it's bliss

To others it's sweat
For they're used to cold weather
I smile, feels like home

Early Sat'day morn
Everybody's in full gear
To Harrison Lake

Cruising Clearbrook Road
At 100 kph
Enters Abbotsford

Tall trees everywhere
My head and eyes are restless
Enjoying the sights

Interesting sign:
Fresh strawberries, raspberries
And blueberries too

Where are we right now?
Oh, wait; I'll just check and see
Yeah, Fraser Valley

There! Ramada Inn
And then I see mountains
Chilliwack ahead

Exit 99
We just passed through Sumas Bridge
Farms, barns everywhere

Look there! goats and kids
Golf courses, lakes, and houses
Black-spotted cattle

10 a.m., arrived
At Harrison Lake Resort
8 p.m., went home

– July 31, 2004, Saturday


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