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Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Poet to His Father

I tried so hard to understand
Why did it have to be us?

Your gift that year was a broken home
Gone in our lives then you were suddenly

I remember the tales you used to tell
There in my crib I would listen so well

An ode of forgiveness now gently plays
From me and them and her to you

Out of sadness and gloom into brightness and heaven
For so many years, for your return I'd yearned

Wounds, healed; scars, gone; a fresh new start
An unbroken chord on the guitar is set to be strummed

A brighter chapter in our lives has long begun
Pains and tears are now once upon...

— Written sometime in 1988
Rehashed on Thursday, January 20, 2005;
Surrey, British Columbia
While listening to "Evade the Pain" by Budapest
(Too Blind to Hear; 2002, Easy Street)

A Poet to His Mother

I may have not been too vocal in the past
Of my respect and love—for they are so vast
An old ballad sings: "Some good things never last"
But in me, O Mother, may you put your trust

My childhood memories with you and Father
Are in my heart well-kept—be lost they'll never
Our countless strolls in Luneta and Ongpin
Were magical as the lamp of Aladdin

Your well-cried tears and heartily shed laughter
Till my twilight I will always remember

To be happy for and love one another
You taught us how—my lovely sisters and me
Forgiveness in our hearts, you said, should be free
The reason we persevere to be better

The pains and sacrifices that you've been through
I shared them all with you; you know it is true
Every ups-and-downs, you're always there beside
Me—believing, comforting, reassuring

Like a hen, you reared us single-handedly
Like chicks, we followed you affectionately

I might have pecked and scratched you from time to time
Whatever pain I'd caused you...pardon my rhyme
For you, I will always be...hoping...dreaming

I may have not been too vocal in the past
Despite, you knew my love and respect are vast
A few years more must pass—oh Time, such a tease!
Yet from yearning to go home I'll never cease

— Tuesday, January 18, 2005; Surrey, British Columbia
While listening to "Ode to My Family" by The Cranberries
(No Need to Argue; 1994, Polygram Records)