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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The First of a Dozen Verses (November 3–14, 2004)

Your face smiles in my mind
My heart yearns for ever more
To be with you is what I wish for
Having you, I could no longer ask for more

Three years may be long
But the thought of a happy life with you
Turns those years into mere days

I will never forget what you said:
"Time and Distance is nothing
compared to Love"

Love, indeed, conquers all!

Receiving mails from you
always delights me

Catching you on the messenger
always excites me

Reading your words of fondness
fills my heart with gladness

Oh, my love
You're the best thing I ever do have

How I long to touch your face
Your kisses I want to taste

If I only have real butterfly wings
To home I will fly right away

For the meantime, listen as my heart sings
I promise you, my love
We will be in bliss together someday

Whatever some might say
I will always love you

Whatever some might do
I will still wait to be with you

No matter if they doubt my nobility
I will still be who I truly am

No matter if they discourage me
I will still stand by my ideals

I am who my family know I am
I am who my best friends say I am
I am who you believe I really am

You soothe me with your voice
You comfort me with your words

Your giggles make me laugh
Your sincerity makes me feel secure

But, most of all,
Your love makes me persevere and dream some more

This may be short
Yet my patience to wait is long

This may be quick
But my love for you is strong

Sa dilim ng yungib
Liwanag ay tubig

Kabog ng dibdib
Badya ay pag-ibig

Mga marka ng tinta
Alay kay Karlota

Bawat dulas ng pluma
Pag-asa'y laging kasama

Mga akda ko ay hitík
Damang-dama kahit walang imík

I dread the day when we would finally meet again
For I feel afraid I might lose you again

I count the days elementarily
With every verse I indite with honesty

Oh love, Oh love
Do wait for me
For I, too, will
Very patiently

Oh wait, Oh wait
And forever love me
For I, too, will
Through eternity

*Gently* a gentle breeze a silent stream the full moon
Slow but a solitary swan

That's how my heart, for you, feels

weary and lonely
exhausted and tired
depressed and alone
homesick and sad

But your love is what
Makes me cope and
continue to hope

If only I am avian
I'll fly home to you

If only I am magical
I'll fly home to you

But since I'm neither avian nor magical
I'll just fly home to you when I'm deep in slumber

How does a man know if he's really in love with a lady?
How does the lady know if the man is really in love with her?
How does the lady know if she's really in love with the man?
How does the man know if the lady is really in love with him?

There are no hows.
They just know.

Through the open front-window blinds
Leafless trees I can see
Gray skies steady pour of the rain
Atop the lamppost perched a solitary crow
Whispering winds making the branches swing
I stare in silence, contemplating
My mind wide open, flying
Towards familiar places
To see familiar faces
I yearn I smile I wish I hope
That soon I may return home


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