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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


for Roselle Bumbay, on April 20, 1989
{wherever she might be now}

I know just when you are far away
That is when you are too near for me to be enthralled

I do nothing but close my eyes
Whenever I wish to see you

I shut my mouth when I wish to converse
For you speak with your eyes with sublime sincerity

A multitude of lovers had met their fall
Our love will catch our fall

Open your heart and I will enclose it with mine
Talk in rhyme and in one breath I'll sing it with mine

Sad songs will cease on the day you are mine
Behold! That day springs a new bliss of art

Entrust your life if you dread for death for
Death will die to countenance a life that immortality bestowed

- Written in April 1989; Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines;
as inspired by "Dreamwalkin' (Along with You)" by Lee Ritenour (Rit/2; 1982, Elektra)


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