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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Believe Me, Winter Is Gloomy When (You're All Alone and Far Away from Home)

I’ve seen it on postcards
I’ve seen it in Christmas movies
I’ve wished for it to fall
In times when the heat was insufferable

I’ve dreamed of it in childhood
I’ve prayed for it in adulthood
I’ve wished for it to fall
In times when all dreams were plausible

Oh, Winter found me
Skulking behind the shadow of my soul
Yearning for yonder things I used to own
But about which now I could only frown

Now, Summer finds me
Heaving from the hillsides of my heart
Yearning for someone I feel I can love
But whom now I cannot yet have

So believe me when I say
I have seen it; I’ve felt it and lived it
Winter is gloomy when
You’re all alone and far away from home

And Summer and love are all I could hope for

- 8:05 a.m., Tuesday, July 7, 2004
Surrey, British Columbia
While listening to “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service
(Give Up; 2003, Sub Pop)


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